Friday, September 19, 2014

Fat Loss In Men

Male weight loss is said to be different than female weight loss. That is because the male body has unique characteristics that set it apart from the female body. What this means is that although both sexes can lose weight if they choose, males have a slight advantage in this arena. This should not discourage females from attempting to lose weight since it is achievable regardless of any differences.

In addition, males are naturally muscular and tend to have a higher percentage of it in their body. The male physique is designed to be leaner than the female version. It is also natural for males to develop muscles as they reach the development stages of their lives. But this doesn't mean that women don't carry muscle, they do, but at lesser amounts than males.

It is a fact that the male hormone testosterone is present in a much higher rate in men than women. Testosterone causes the male body to develop a more muscle mass and is more conducive in the weight loss process as a result. Testosterone leads to muscle development and muscles are more likely to accelerate the rate at which fat is burned from the body. Males should take comfort in having a slight advantage over women in that muscle is key to fat loss. But that does not mean they should slack off and not participate in training their bodies to burn fat.

Men should eat more protein-rich foods such as lean meat, poultry, and legumes to increase muscle mass. This allows the body to more effectively reduce the proportion of fat to lean mass. For male fat loss to occur more quickly, exercise should comprise the main foundation in any plans that are made. Exercise can take many forms and is not limited to spending hours in the gym.

Keeping active to burn fat is a very effective solution. One should participate in sports to work out their body. Such actions are beneficial in keeping your body in top shape, while at the same time, allowing you to have fun. People can also go jogging or roller blading to build their strength. In all, it isn't difficult to find an activity that suits your taste, as well as, allows you to lose weight.

While sports are a popular form of exercise, working out is the clear choice when it comes to burning off fat. This doesn't imply that you can't do both at the same time. But working out is better at targeting your muscles and allows you to tone your body. Before long, you too, will be able to see the definition in your body, if you choose to exercise. All in all, anybody is capable of getting results if they try their hardest to do so.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Best Techniques To Boost Your Calorie Burn

There are a lot of reasons why people can't or don't lose weight. Metabolism is often a quite significant one. Your metabolic rate is the rate at which you burn calories in breaking down food for energy. Many people have metabolisms that are operating below peak rates. I hope to help you rev up yours by taking a handful of steps.

Heredity and age do play a role in metabolism. You can't change either of them, so the focus of this article is what you can do. It is important to note, though, that research suggests metabolism slows by 5% for every decade after the age of 40. If you're there already or just looking to lose weight, here are some things you can do.

The first order of business is to eat more lean protein. There is something called the thermo effect of food, which relates to how many calories that are burned from actually consuming and digesting the food that you've eaten. Your body can use up to 30% of the calories you've consumed to break down protein with the break down of fat at about 5%, perhaps less. Carbohydrates have a thermo effect above that of fat, but it is not believed to be above 10%.

I highly recommend increasing your water intake. First, it will help your kidneys better digest your increased consumption of protein from the previous step. But it also has its own metabolic kicker of its own. Dehydration can limit proper functioning of metabolism so proper hydration is necessary. Drink an ounce of H2O for every pound you weight. Add a cup of water for every fifteen minutes of exercise you do during the day. Ice water can take your water consumption up another level as it adds the thermo effect to the aforementioned benefits. Cold water needs to be warmed up to match the temperature of the rest of your body.

Meal timing and the amount of calories per meal can have a large impact on metabolism. I recommend starting the day with a high protein breakfast within an hour of waking and six meals throughout the day, all with protein is preferable. Skipping meals is to be avoided and it seems to pay to keep the number of meals per day pretty consistent. Wide ranges in meals per day can negatively impact the thermo effect of your digestion.

Eating whole foods is highly recommended as opposed to those that are processed with chemicals and heavy in fat, sodium, and sweeteners. If you do include processed foods in your daily diet, I recommend always reading your food labels so that you are aware of exactly what is in your foods. You would be surprised by some of the dangerous chemicals that are approved for use in our food supply. Some of these can inhibit your metabolism or lead to overeating. It's best to avoid highly-refined foods.

Exercise also plays a big role in increasing metabolism. I recommend weight lifting at least three times a week. Use weights that will drive you to failure at no more than twelve reps. Six to ten is an excellent range to target. Also, having more muscle means more calories burned. In terms of cardio, I recommend interval training, which flip flops between sprints and slower movements. You can get a great cardio workout in only twenty minutes instead of running five miles in an hour.

Proper sleep is important for your body to function properly. I haven't seen much research suggesting that it has a direct impact on metabolism, however, you are much more likely to eat healthy, exercise, and implement the rest of this metabolism-boosting plan if you are well rested.

Other food and drinks that can help boost metabolism are green tea, cinnamon, healthy fats like those from cold-water fish, avocados, nuts, and fish-oil supplements, caffeine (in moderation), and hot spices like cayenne. Also, be mindful of the quick-fix cures. If you could take a pill to be skinny, the American obesity rate wouldn't be 35%.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Snooki Weight Loss : How Snooki Lost Weight

When Snooki Weight Loss Showing her slim down figure you can tell Snooki has gained some new confidence. Tweeting her photos, its obvious she is living the healthy lifestyle. In interviews she would say while people are planning their night at the club she's figuring out what time Gold's gym closes.

Snooki Weight Loss Transformation:

With her weight loss transformation, that takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and dedication. So whether you like her or not you got to respect her for achieving her goals. 

In a recent interview she did on the Ellen show, she shared a few exercises in her routine. Here is a sample routine of Snooki workout:

  • 30 minutes of rigorous cardio
  • Ball Squat (3 sets of 25) – Stand with a stability ball on your lower back, and the wall keeping the ball suspended. Use the ball as a leverage, perform a standard  squat but with the ball.
  • Standing Ball Side Flexion (3 sets of 25 each side) – With the exercise ball on the floor, place your left hip as you face sideways, and your body parallel to the ground. Your knees should not touch the floor, and keep your hands on your head. Tilt your body 45 degrees upwards, and return to the starting position.
  • Side Leg Lifts (3 sets of 25 each leg) – Lie down on the floor, facing sideways. With your legs straight, lift your upper leg to the air, and back down.
  • Pot Stir (3 sets 15 times clockwise, 15 times counter-clockwise) – With the exercise ball on the floor, face down and place your elbow on the ball and hands clasped. Keep your knees above the ground and straighten your body. Move your arms clockwise (or counter-clockwise), like stirring a pot.
  • Side Planks (3 sets of 30 seconds each side) – Similar position to the side flexion, place your elbow on the floor facing sideways. Keep your arm steady and your body straight for 30 seconds.
  • Ab Crunches (3 sets of 25)
  • Bird Dogs (3 sets of 25 hold for 15 seconds each time)– The term says it all, a combination of bird and dog movements. Kneel down and put your hands on the floor, like a dog on all fours. Then, simulate a flying movement, where you lift your left arm forward and your right leg back simultaneously.

The Snooki Weight Loss : Snooki Loses 42 Pounds — How She Did It

The first pounds were the easiest to shed, according to Snooki: “I lost the first 20 in two months, just from breast-feeding.” The next 22 were not as easy.
Snooki made sure to get to the gym four days a week with her trainer Anthony Michael, to work on strength-training and cardio. The team did plyometric work like jumping on and off elevated boxes, followed by 20 to 30 minutes of inclined walking on a treadmill.
Snooki also did added cardio twice a week with Zumba or kickboxing.

Snooki Goes On A Healthy Diet

But her workout schedule wasn’t the only thing she had to change — she also altered her diet! “When I started working with Anthony, he put me on his Express Home Meals.” The meal plan included dishes like lettuce-wrapped burgers and chicken with strawberries. Snooki makes sure to stay under 1,300 calories per day.
Her secret? “I eat through the day so I don’t get hungry.”
The 4’9″ Jersey Shore star now weighs in at a lean 102 pounds, and though she says she feels great, she also says the hard work isn’t over: “I still have the mommy pooch to get rid of, and I want my upper legs to be more toned. And my boobs are messed up. In a bra, they look good. But when I take it off, they’re all flappy.”

- Also, Snooki says on the Ellen show that she's matured and still know how to throw down on a couple of shot, but i prefer to take it easy. There isn't no big secret on how Snooki lost weight, its really simple. All she did was cut back on her calories and liquor and by doing all that she reached her goal of 98 pounds and looks way sexier and physically appealing.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Christian Bale Weight Loss

The Christian Bale Weight Loss is as a direct result of the Christian Bale Workout, so the important thing is to try to understand the secret of why it is so effective.
One thing that is very clear is that it works, and it can get you to have a lean toned body. If you have seen him in his movies, where the part requires great strength and physique, you can see that he trains to get the toned lean body that we all wish we could have.

Workout of Christian Bale

The workout is very tough, but if you do it every other day you will have Christian Bale's body! First off, he would do pushups with a deck of cards. Shuffle up the cards and flip them over. Grab one card at a time and do however many pushups are on the card. Take a 10 second rest and grab another card. Do this until all the cards are gone. Next, find something that you can hang from and do the exact same thing with pullups. This will obviously be much harder so do the best you can. As Christian got stronger during his training he started doing pushups from different positions. You can put your feet on a chair or keep them on the floor and do pushups with your hands on the chair. You can also do the same thing for pullups by putting your hands in different positions such as inner, outer, and reverse grip.

The workout consists mainly of the following exercises:

  • Bench presses
  • Jump squats
  • High pull ups
  • Power cleans
The abdominal workout is what really made his body what it was. He did 3 different ab exercises. Crunches with his feet up on a chair, leg lifts, and side to side crunches. He would do these continuously for 20 minutes one time in the morning and one time at night. You want to try to take as little a break as possible and go till failure. It is a very tough workout and will make you exhausted, but it is well worth it.
  1. Last, and maybe most important, Christian Bale supplemented with something called Acai Berry. This is a new fat burning formula that is also loaded with energy boosters. It is all-natural so it would not effect his diet at all, and he has preached this like crazy all over the place.
  2. Obviously, Christian Bale has a pretty phenomenal body in the Batman movies and it will be tough to achieve. If you are able to follow the workout I provided along with the diet and use of Acai Berry, you will be doing everything that he did to get that body. You can also get a free trial of Acai Berry by clicking the link!
  3. With each exercise, the reps need to be at least 6, and can go till 12. For maximum results, you need to workout five days a week, and the same goes for the cardio. This is to ensure that the maximum calories are burned.
  4. To be able to get the Christian Bale abs, the training needs to involve intense ab exercises. The important thing with abs is that the percentage body fat needs to be at a minimum for the abs to be visible. The ab training would involve the use of cable chops, kneeling cable crunches as well as swiss balls.

The Success of Christian Bale Weight Loss

The success of every weight loss program is supported by a healthy diet. Getting lean requires one to eat proper foods that consist of proteins, lean meats, good fats, fruits and vegetables. Junk foods, packaged foods as well as sugary foods have no space in a successful weight loss training regimen. 

You can see from the list above that the exercises employ explosive movements that use most of the body muscles, which in turn produces the best results.

Getting Christian Bale's Body is Not Impossible

If you have seen Christian Bale in most of his movies, he does not have the amazing ripped body that he has in Batman Begins or The Dark Knight. You may think a lot of this was done with CGI to make him look different then he does, but that can only go so far. If you would really like to have that body, then listen carefully and follow this exact workout!

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